A Panic Journal



Breathe through your panic. It may feel very difficult to focus on your breathing when all you may feel like is NOT focusing on your labored breath but deep, slow breaths will really help with your feelings of panic. Try laying on your back, watch your abdomen and push it up on the inhalation, filling yourself up with oxygen and watch your abdomen fall on the exhalation as you feel yourself start to relax. It's not easy at first but breathing just as newborns do is the key to deep, rhythmic breathing and deep rhythmic breathing is a key to bringing your panic under control. Focusing on something very pleasant after you've mastered your breathing technique only deepens the sense of calm. No changes occur immediately and all new techniques take practice but deep breathing and focusing on a calming scene, called creative visualization, will greatly enhance your journey toward control of your panic. Deep breathing and creative visualization are both key components in your toolbox and framework for success.