Call on God, but row away from the rocks.

- Chinese Proverb
What exactly is Panic Disorder?

Panic Disorder is a both a physical and an emotional condition. Experiencing Panic Disorder is a very frightening experience. Panic Disorder is characterized by extremely frightening and uncomfortable symptoms such as shaking, feeling loss of control, tightness in one’s chest, pounding of one’s heart, feelings of not totally being in one’s body, fear of dying, tingling in the extremities and other bodily symptoms. These attacks can appear out of the blue or before or after stressful events. If the attacks continue for a period of time then the Panic Attacks usually indicate that one is suffering from Panic Disorder. There is nothing quite like the feeling of terror and imminent doom that accompany this disorder. Most people are extremely concerned as to whether or not they will ever feel normal again. The answer is encouraging.

My book will enable you to learn the tools to recovery.

  • You will learn to understand, anticipate, and respond more effectively and appropriately to Panic Attacks.
  • You will learn to recognize the stressors, or triggers associated with most Panic Attacks.
  • You will learn coping strategies for those attacks that appear spontaneously
  • You will learn that the attack while terrifying is at its worst, a miserable series of temporary non-health threatening physical events, and will pass.
  • You will learn the physiology of the attacks.
  • You will learn to stop fighting the feelings and learn to wait for them to go away, thus minimizing the intensity of the experience.
  • You will learn that the worst part of the attack is the fear and not the actual miserable, clinical symptoms.
  • You will be taught relaxation techniques, to enable you to relax as much as possible during the attack, diminishing some of its vigor.
  • You will learn the difference between the three types of Panic Attack, cued, uncued and situational.

You will be exposed to the concept of a Framework for Success, consisting of the possibility of Medication, Therapy, and Lifestyle Changes.

You will learn the correlation between your thoughts and feelings and how thoughts are an integral part to Panic Disorder recovery. You will be exposed to the concept of the fear of the fear.

There are many other issues that will be dealt with in the book such as complimentary therapies, nutrition, exercise, supplements and the power of your own inner healer, the part of you that remembers when you were well.

Panic Disorder is a complex disorder that robs its sufferers of part of their selves for a period of time. Through an open, honest commitment to lifestyle changes, we can work together to restore you to a very manageable and healthy lifestyle.